The Accidental Apprentice Podcast: An Interview with Lindsay Amundsen

23 Jan, 2019

When you were young, did you ever dream of doing the exact kind of work you are doing today? For many of us, it’s simply not the case. Many of our careers don’t end up the way they started out, and today, statistics show that millennials (those born between 1981-2000) change jobs 22 per cent more often than the generation before. When we start to hear the stories of how people ended up ‘here’, a lot of the time luck and circumstance – or even an accident – can send you down a career path you never planned on. That was the case for Adam Melnick, a business agent of the Heat and Frost Insulators, Local 95, Ontario and creator and host of the podcast, Accidental Apprentice.

The idea for the podcast came about as Adam spent some of his time visiting schools to speak with students and guidance counsellors about the opportunities that exist in skilled trades. Time and again he would see that parents and teachers alike looking for resources that better explained the job opportunities that existed and how people got there. Have you ever heard someone say, “wow, if I had known about that job when I was younger…”? Having had his share of odd jobs before settling into the skilled trades, and in talking about that journey, Adam found similarities between his stories and others – the pressure of figuring out what you wanted to do, how that changes over the years and that people love to share their journeys. It is Adam’s hope that he will uncover some of these “odd jobs” and expose them to new audiences to inspire someone else’s journey and to provide a career exploration resource when students and parents alike don’t know where to start.

Recently, Adam has focused his interviews on the Accidental Apprentice around the themes of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and interviewed the CBTU’s own director of workforce development, Lindsay Amundsen to talk about her story, Build Together and what diversity, equity and inclusion look like in the skilled trades. You can download the episode on iTunes, Spotify or Anchor or click here.  This focus was new for Adam, and part of a larger series where he interviews other experts and delves into the details on what is equity, how can the way we speak affect equity and goes on to highlight what’s working and what isn’t.

The podcast isn’t quite a year old, with over a dozen episodes available for you to check out. Adam has plans to continue the theme of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity to dive a bit deeper and see if all the talk we hear and headlines we read, are turning into action on the front line.  The podcast provides a valuable resource that you can share with your networks – or if you know of someone trying to figure out what that next career move is. You could just find yourself saying, “well, if I had known about that job when I was younger…”  Happy listening!