Workplaces should welcome everyone.

Sign the pledge and become an Industry Champion. Support harassment‑free workplaces.

I, , hereby commit to:
  • Model appropriate behaviours and hold people accountable for their actions.
  • Speak about the importance of respectful workplaces and inclusivity.
  • Support underrepresented groups in the trades.
  • Check with my organization about their policies and procedures for reporting harassment, and find out if they’re communicated at regular intervals.
  • Find out if my organization has or would consider developing diversity training for workers and supervisors/stewards/foremen.
I am an Industry Champion because (choose all that apply):
  • I’ve been harassed while working in the skilled construction trades, and I want a safer workplace.
  • I have seen others being harassed while working in the skilled construction trades, and I want a safe workplace for others.
  • I’m not in the skilled construction trades, but I support efforts to make every industry safe and harassment-free.
  • I want to see my employer embrace diversity because it will create a more dynamic, productive workplace.
  • I want to see more Women, Youth, New Canadians & Indigenous Peoples enter and thrive in the trades industry
  • Other

While you are welcome to take the pledge to be an Industry Champion without uploading an image, we strongly encourage you to submit a photo. We are collecting these images to showcase on our website and social media as part of an online campaign towards awareness of workplace harassment. Join us and be a part of the change!

And one more thing! These stories and photos will be made public on social media and our website.