Developing a Pre-Delivery/ Birth Maternity Benefit: Discussion Document

2 Apr, 2019


Canada’s Building Trades Unions have been working diligently to meaningfully address barriers that exist for women in the skilled trades; this includes barriers for women to consider entering the trades and barriers around apprenticeship completion and retention. Many jobs in construction, despite technological advances, are still physically demanding. The nature of these jobs can pose increased risk to those considering pregnancy and working prior to delivery.
Understanding this very real barrier to women in the trades, the CBTU has created a discussion document (attached) to address some of the issues around a Pre-Delivery/Birth Maternity Benefit that unions and employers could offer to their members. In addition to the document, we are pleased to include the most recent announcement from the UA Canada on their new National Parental Wellness program.

We congratulate the UA Canada on their new program; they are the first Canadian Building Trades Union to launch a policy of this kind! These types of progressive policies and programs reflect the true intent of not only recruiting new talent to our industry, but retaining these skilled tradespeople for the long haul. We are committed to continue working with you to improve our industry and the lives of all of our members.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. Click here to view the document: CBTU Pre-Delivery Birth Maternity Benefit Discussion Document FINAL