As a part of our ongoing strategy to increase stakeholder and member engagement, and to communicate ideas & strategies, Build Together will be blogging on various topics throughout the year.

Here are some of the workforce development blog topics you can look forward to:

  • Power in influence
  • Change: why change? And what is an agent of change?
  • Measuring success: what doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done
  • Setting targets/objectives
  • What is an ambidextrous leader?
  • Generational differences in the workplace
  • Mentorship
  • Respectful, inclusive and diverse workplaces
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Barriers for underrepresented groups in the construction industry

We will host guest bloggers and include updates on our Build Together initiatives across the country.

Why is everyone talking about mentorship?

Dec 13, 2017

Perspective from Canada’s Building Trades Unions Mentorship Alliance Why is there so much talk these days about workplace mentoring? The […]

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How do we successfully recruit and retain more Indigenous Youth in the skilled construction trades?

Nov 16, 2017

To answer this question we need to start a dialogue on the barriers that many Indigenous Peoples and youth face; […]

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Women Build Nations- what does it mean for tradeswomen?

Oct 24, 2017

Women Build Nations is a conference for active, aspiring and retired tradeswomen from all over the world. Hosted by the […]

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What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done

Oct 4, 2017

Your organization is ready for change, you’ve rallied your people and have implemented a new program or two. How do […]

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The Power in Influence

Aug 21, 2017

Canada’s Building Trades Unions are structured democratically; the leadership of our fourteen affiliated national construction trade unions and their local unions […]

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Why Change? And What is an Agent of Change?

Jul 5, 2017

Change is inevitable. It happens whether we are ready or not. Even so, time and time again we hear the […]

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