Vanessa Taylor


Journeyman Millwright


United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC), Local Millwrights Local 2262, Saint John, New Brunswick

I was working three jobs making less money than a lot of my male friends that were in the trades. I was not happy with my current job and after years of University I was skeptical of more school and needed a change! I went to a local community college to explore different trade options- I was on the wait list for a while before being admitted to Industrial Mechanics but it was definitely worth the wait.


After graduating the course I joined the Millwrights Union. I worked various shutdowns throughout the province and learnt a lot during that time. After a couple of years and a long spell without work I decided to do what many New Brunswick folk have done and head west! I have been hired on full time at the Surmont 2 project in Anzac, Alberta. I work two weeks on, two weeks off and I fly back and forth, allowing me to keep my house and life in New Brunswick, while still having a great job I love in Alberta.