Sarina Hanschke

TCP Instructor


Traffic control person


Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA), Local 1611 Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA

As a third generation union member with LiUNA, growing up in a family with a long history of road building, I value safety over all else. After starting as a traffic control person nearly a decade ago, I take great pride in ensuring that there have been no major accidents on my job sites. More recently, I have been able to teach, mentor and help build public awareness campaigns to promote roadside workers’ safety.


I completely and wholeheartedly attribute the success in my career to the mentorship and guidance I received from my colleagues. Now that I’m in a leadership position, I advise other women to dream big, create big goals and challenge yourself. Jump into the trades but remain open minded and humble. Ask as many questions from other mentors as possible. Most importantly, remember that success is fuelled by perseverance and don’t give up when things get hard.