Next Generation

Young people are struggling to find permanent work with a decent wage. Many are graduating with University Degrees loaded with debt and unable to find employment. We want to make sure young people know about the vast opportunities for a well paying career in the skilled construction trades.

Studies and industry reports show that a large population of skilled trade workers are gearing up for retirement. An estimated 300,000 new workers will need to be recruited from outside the construction industry over the next ten years to compensate for this gap.

This is an enormous opportunity for young people seeking secure, well-paid and fulfilling employment.



BuildForce Canada’s Careers in Construction website

The site is designed to help you choose the career path that’s right for you and to help you find the resources you need to start building your future today. Based on labour market information, the site provides trade-by-trade information about job prospects and potential wage ranges for the next 10 years. It also provides career descriptions, training requirements and testimonials from tradespeople, and tells you how to get started in the trades.


NB-Map’s Generations in the Workplace course

Each generation in the workforce thinks, acts and experiences life differently, and likewise their behavior in the workplace varies greatly. This course helps learners understand the unique characteristics of each generation in today’s workforce, and explores strategies of how to get the most out of this generational diversity.


Forum for Young Canadians  

As part of our ongoing commitment to member service and value, CBTU has negotiated a sponsorship for 3 CBTU family member children to take part in an important initiative for High School students as part of the program of the Forum for Young Canadians. 


The Canadian Labour Congress

The CLC has produced two reports on young workers’ issues. These reports lay out the issues that young Canadians face, but also celebrate this generation as one of the most civic-minded and activist in history.

This special report explores key topics like jobs, education, diversity and equality, and activism, and presents key points of discussion on the future of work for young people.

Diving Without a Parachute is based on our new in-depth report on young workers. This paper explores jobs, demographics, education, debt, the social safety net, and civic activism.


This printable board game is a fun way to learn about the construction skilled trades in Canada and which is the right one for you. It’s also a great way to engage your friends and family in a conversation about career choices and most of all…. to have fun!

Download and print the board game from here.

Who doesn’t love trading cards! Build Together has created fun trading cards of the Canadian construction skilled trades.

Download and print trading cards from here.