International Women’s Day Campaign: Build Together

24 Feb, 2020

For International Womens’ Day this year we will be highlighting women from Build Together, Women of the Building Trades who have moved into leadership positions since participating in the program since its inception in 2015.

Through networking and peer-to-peer support groups like Build Together, Lean In Circles and women’s committees; women have the opportunity to gain confidence, empower one another and learn leadership skills. These groups and committees have the opportunity to provide authentic feedback and insight into their experiences and help us, as an industry, to address the barriers to their retention and success in construction careers. Their voices are powerful and although we are not able to highlight anywhere close to all tradeswomen in Canada, we are inspired by each and every one of them.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all you do for the unionized construction industry and for pushing us to be and do better.