Article from Journal of Commerce about Budget 2018

6 Mar, 2018

“The only way we’re going to replace the nearly 300,000 people we need is with women, Indigenous people, new Canadians and youth.”

Canadian operating officer for Canada’s Building Trades Unions Robert Blakely said he was pleased with the Trudeau government’s budget overall, and with the reallocation of the infrastructure funding.

“We’re pretty happy that they reprofiled money that didn’t get spent on infrastructure, which is code for move it forward, as opposed to saying we didn’t spend it so let’s put it into what could become a surplus and carry on,” Blakely commented.

He was also pleased with the government’s focus on the trades.

The Government of Canada is allocating $19.9 million over five years to pilot an Apprenticeship Incentive Grant for Women. Under the grant, women would receive $3,000 for each of their first two years of training. Funding will also be provided for a new Pre-Apprenticeship Program that will encourage underrepresented groups — including women, Indigenous people, newcomers and people with disabilities — to consider careers in the skilled trades.

The government is investing $46 million over five years in the program.

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