Build Together is represented by tradeswomen of Canada’s Building Trades Unions across the country. They are apprentices or journeypersons from the skilled trades under the Building Trades umbrella.


These representatives are responsible for:

• Exposing Women to the Trades– Both women and men need equal exposure to the trades in order to consider it as a career. Women get less exposure because they have historically been steered away from the trades. The Build Together program operates a classroom speaking program to connect students with strong female role models that are active in the industry.

• Mentoring Women in the Trades– Support for women in the trades should not stop at recruitment. Mentorship is a key pillar of apprenticeship and women need guidance from tradeswomen who are successful and thriving in the industry. Build Together is developing a structured mentorship program specifically geared towards the retention of women in the trades.

• Making space for Women in the Trades– Women face a number of unique challenges in the trades from washroom facilities to inadequately fitting safety gear. Something as normal as pregnancy can leave employers and co-workers uncertain about how to support a woman in the trades. Build Together is working with industry to give a voice to women’s issues on the tools and identify ways to create workplace cultures that are inclusive of women.

• Challenging policy makers & industry– Government, training institutions, labour and employers all have a role to play in supporting women in the trades. Build Together is working to identify the barriers for women in construction as well as the conditions for success and replicate them across Canada.

Feel free to contact any of the team below. For information on becoming a representative or to be a part of our mentorship program, please contact Lindsay Amundsen.