Build Together- Women of the Building Trades has partnered with some of the best in the Canadian construction industry. They recognize the importance of promoting women in the skilled trades and are leaders in creating opportunities for women.

Thank you on behalf of all women who work everyday to build Canada!



Build Together is now an Official Moxie Trades Partner and is featured in the 2016 Moxie Trades Calendar for the month of May!

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The mandate of OAWA is to enhance employment opportunities for women apprentices so that they may advance in their chosen trade and to create/maintain a registry database of tradeswomen in their home province. The underlying philosophy of the Office to Advance Women Apprentices is to effect meaningful change that will result in improved economic circumstances for tradeswomen.

This is achieved through:

  • A coaching and mentoring model working with employers and women apprentices.
  • An interactive component that assists employers, unions and women apprentices in identifying, addressing and eliminating barriers, and
  • A registry database that includes female tradespersons within a province and provides statistical data for reporting and enhancement purposes.
  • Follow up procedures that incorporate the apprentices and employers for best practices, lessons learned, evaluations for moving forward, identifying and finding solutions for issues and barriers as they arise. 
  • Promotion of women in trades through Skilled Trades Conferences and Presentation Speakers Series.

Build Together has partnered with OAWA to replicate the successes of their organization across Canada. We hope to open an OAWA office in every province.




Canada’s Building Trades Mentorship Alliance is a collaborative initiative of CBTU and their Mentorship Alliance partners:

  •        Mentoring Matters™ (EJTC & Skillplan) and the 
  •        New Brunswick Mentor Apprentice Program (NB-Map)

The purpose of CBTMA is to deliver effective, innovative and inclusive mentorship strategies and education training options to CBTU’s affiliated members, their signatory contractors and other potential clients.

  •        Increased Productivity
  •        Retention
  •        Job Satisfaction
  •        Faster Acquisition of Skills
  •        Intergenerational Communication

Mentorship Alliance partners have agreed to develop and integrate diversity modules into their Mentorship services and products. Build Together has partnered with the Alliance in the development of these diversity modules.